Huangrenhua--Company manager

Huangrenhua, a company manager in Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.,Ltd. He has a legend story,and he is also a sober, diligent and responsible person. Now, let's come closer to him and know more about him.

Steven was born in an industrial area, with black smoke billows on the sky every day. it was caused by combustion efficiency lower than 40%. A lot of energy was wasted, what's worse, a large amount of poison gas was given off. Steven always intends to change this situation, to save the earth and let the sky back to blue.

One day, Steven learned the brown gas technology was first put forward by Yoel Brown in Bulgaria, which is mixing oxygen and hydrogen gas with a specified proportion to burn with other fuels.And the combustion is safe, no pollution, with high energy efficiency. So he decided to devote himself to the study of combustion supporting for industrial boiler.

In 1998, a 3-member team started to do research and development, and finally produced oxy-hydrogen generator successfully. Then Steven shuttled among factories.

But the dimension of the machine is huge, also without professional operation video and professional sales team, the machine was rejected by factories.

Due to long time without performance, employees also left the team. His dream was not broken even the team fallen apart, but leave him with a deep reflection.

Although experienced failure, Steven did not give up but persisting in innovation for 5 years. keep chasing advanced technology, consulting relevant experts and learning from well-known domestic enterprises. In 2003, as the technology developed and improved again. a team with 4 skilled worker and 2 professional salesman is formed as well. China market is gradually opened up thereafter.

In 2013, He focusing on developing car carbon cleaner, build a HHO brand. Now Kingkar Eco-Technologies co.,limited possesses more than 200 employees with a 5,000 –square-meter factory and has agents in many countries. Thanks for all the supporting from our suppliers and customers, kingkar will do better and better in the future!

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