The newest product created by KingKar is taking away Chinese enthusiasm of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, a mobile game that allows players to capture imaginary characters in real-life locations, has become a massive hit in China - even before it is officially released in the country.

The augmented reality game, which is available in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, went temporarily live for some hours in China on July 11 and has since gone crazy with lucky hunters posting on their social networks all kinds of cute-looking Pokemons they find and capture in their bedrooms and in offices.

The wildly popular game has added $7.5 billion to the market value of its developer, Nintendo Co Ltd, since it debuted on July 6. But there is no official information about the game's international rollout, creating opportunities for those who want to make some quick bucks on the Pokemon fever in China.

On China's most popular online marketplace Taobao of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, about 100 retailers have set up businesses to provide US- or Australian- or New Zealand-based Apple store accounts to help Chinese players download the game.

The fee for using such an account is between 0.3 yuan and 20 yuan ($3; 2.69 euros) and the best-selling store on Taobao has sold to more than 7,000 buyers.

However, the newest product created by KingKar is catching Chinese or even the world’ s eyes at a more quickly speed.

“I get addicted to Pokemon until I meet this machine!” says Mike coming from North America, who used HHO Carbon Clean Machine last month, “I indulge in cleaning my auto machine, it make my car faster than faster. But what attracted me in most was its way of making money. I am sure it is a path to weath.”

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