Things you need to know about the Rio Olympics

1.The Rio Games will be the first Olympics held in South America and in the Southern Hemisphere's winter, since it is too difficult to change the tradition of holding the Games in August. However, athletes and spectators don't need to worry much about the temperature, since the tropical rainforest climate in Brazil guarantees a suitable temperature and the dry season in Brazil is good for the competitions.

2.Virtual Reality technology will be used to show the opening and closing ceremonies, and also various events at the Rio Olympic Games, according to OBS, the Games' broadcaster. It's said that one event each day will be chosen to be shown in VR.

3.Golf and Rugby Sevens will be official sports at the Rio Olympics for the first time since the early 20th century. Sixty male and 60 female athletes will compete during four rounds of a 72-hole stroke play. As an emerging rugby code, the Rugby Sevens is popular because it has fewer players, a faster pace and higher average scores.

4.Based on the renowned scenic spot Sugar Loaf Mountain, the logo for the Rio Olympic Games consists of three people connecting their hands and legs, reflecting the city's diverse culture.

5.Vinicius, the mascot for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, is designed to have the intelligence of cats, agility of monkeys and elegance of birds, representing the motto of the Olympics- faster, higher and stronger.

6.Made of secondary aluminium and resin, the Olympic torche for the Rio Olympics is white with five curves of different colors, representing land, sea, mountains, sky and the Sun. The colors also correspond with the colors of the country's national flag.

7.Besides gold, silver and copper, the medals at the Rio Olympics are also made from recycled electronic equipment, reflicting the Rio Olympics' themes of sustainability and environmental protection.

8.Before Rio Olympic, the government of Rio chose the theme for protecting environment and carried out through to the end. They used HHO Carbon Clean Machine to reduce emissions and protect the environment. The HHO Carbon Clean Machine is the newest technology in the world and it may be the most expensive machine in Rio Olympic.

9.Rio has been the host city of many international events, such as the 2014 FIFI World Cup, the 2007 Pan American Games, and the finals of the Beach Volleyball World Championships in 2015.

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