Hot Social Issues of G20: President Xi Shares Realistic Vision for The Future of China and The World

Most political analysts believe China deserved the chance to chair the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, bearing in mind the indispensible role it plays on the world stage.

Consequently, President Xi's key speech at the opening ceremony of the G20 Summit bore a crucial importance to the Chinese people as well as to their counterparts in the rest of the world.

“We were all hoping China would offer constructive ideas to deal with the lingering and never ending economic problems that spread its wings of doom upon our planet.” Steven said, who is the CEO of KingKar. “Fortunately for us, President Xi rose to the occasion to give a frank yet comprehensive speech about his vision for China and its collaboration with the international community.”

President Xi was open and realistic pertinent to the means by which the world should transcend their differences to work side by side in equal and mutually beneficial collaboration to achieve a robust, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth.

On the first part of his speech, he focused on the Chinese government strategy for China's reform and opening up to the world. He called it a great process.

President Xi urged the leaders of the G20 to work together to come up with remedies to achieve recovery and sustainability of the world growth on the second part of his speech.

He emphasized the importance of working as a team to build an innovative and open world economy.

He stated in his speech that the world economy should be interconnected and inclusive by joining forces to explore new sources of growth and expand space for development.

“We all hope that every Chinese should be proud and supportive of their president's vision for the process of achieve modernization of their beloved China.” Kennen said, who is the leader of e-commerce department in Kingkar. “Despite the skepticism that took a strong hold of most individuals pertinent the meetings of the G20, people, with whom I had the chance to discuss the speech, feel optimism toward the current meeting. They were moved by the honesty and realism of President's Xi speech.”

“The fundamental question is: were the other leaders of the G20 listening and willing to work with China to achieve that noble objective of building a robust, inclusive and sustainable growth?” Steven said, “No one can answer that question with certainty. However, that does not prevent us for holding hopes for the sake of the survival of the human race. As an entrepreneur, I will grasp the opportunity to develop my company and I will lead my team to transcend our differences to work side by side in equal and mutually beneficial collaboration to achieve a robust, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth.”

“I, as a foreigner living in China, was impressed by the speech which provided me with a positive and optimistic hope for the future of our world in general and the future of China in particular.” A customer of KingKar said. “I believe I can sustained cooperate with KingKar.”

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